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Chemicals or Accessories

Fort McMurray Hot Tubs carries an extensive range of hot tub accessories and chemicals. We have everything you may need for your hot tub or spa tub.
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All of the hot tubs covers we provide are winter-grade and custom-made to order. Order fulfillment time is currently 10–12 weeks. If you do not know your cover size, we will visit your home and measure it for you so that you get the perfect fit.
hot tub covers for custom
custom hot tub covers


We take pride in selecting high-quality, long-lasting tub products. We carry the Dazzle chemical product line, but if you need something else, please contact us, and we will find it for you!

  • Dazzle Chlorine Granules
  • Dazzle Chlorine Tablets (900g or 2KG)
  • Dazzle Bromine Granules
  • Dazzle Bromine Tablets (900g or 2.5KG)
  • Dazzle Amaze
  • Dazzle Stain & Scale
  • Dazzle TA+
  • Dazzle PH +/-
  • Dazzle TH+
  • Dazzle Algae Clear
  • Dazzle Defoamer
  • Dazzle Filter Cleaner
  • Dazzle Performance Plus
  • Dazzle Nature Sheen
  • Dazzle Drain Prep
  • Fix-A-Leak


We offer a wide variety of hot tub accessories; listed below are our most popular. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us, and we will find it for you!

  • Zorbie
  • Floating Dispenser
  • Spazzaz
  • Cover Lifter (Hydraulic & Non-Hydraulic)
  • Spa Pillow
  • Spa Tray
  • Spa Steps