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Every Step of the Way

We offer complete hot tub services, from seasonal preparation and cleaning to repairing. We can also handle all the after-sale care and maintenance of your hot tub!

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A-Z Hot Tub Service

We can take care of all kinds of servicing, cleaning, and seasonal preparation requirements for your hot tub—we won’t just shove a product on you and walk away.

Fort McMurray Hot Tubs want to be there for you from the beginning to the end of your hot tub’s life. We are community members and will treat you the way we expect to be treated.


Deluxe Cleaning: $249.99

Includes: Spa Flush, Drain, Removal of All Jets and Complete Wipe Down, Refill.


Winterization: $299.99

Drain, Remove Jets, Vacuum Lines, Uncouple Unions, Add Antifreeze.

De-winterization $299.99

Remove Antifreeze, Rinse, Replace Jets, Recouple Unions, Fill.
Cleaning Before


Cleaning after


Why We Are Different

We offer high-quality products that we stand behind when we fix things. We will be there throughout the product’s utility cycle. It’s better than just buying a product at any other department store.

With us, you get the product, an extended warranty, and a life-long care service for any product we supply. As a licensed supplier, we also offer maintenance and repair services for products we don’t sell.

Prices That Don’t Get Any Better

Our services are priced very reasonably. So you get not only a premium hot tub but also all rounding care services at reasonable prices. The prices for our services are listed below

  • Call Out: $130.00
  • Labour: $115.00
  • Hot Tub Move: $700.00
  • Spa School: $85.00
  • Insurance Inspection: $150.00
  • Cover Removal/Disposal: $110.00
  • Monthly Maintenance: $65.00

All Types of Tub Parts Available

Fort McMurray Hot Tubs offers premium hot tubs and spa tubs, along with all associated parts. At our store, we stock a wide range of parts. Whatever you desire, we have it.

Custom parts can be ordered based on your needs. We specialize in finding those hard-to-find parts and will leave no stone unturned to get your tub back up and running.

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